How much does it cost to use our service?

Currently, it is at no cost to brides or couples. We are here to reduce your stress to the minimum.

How many matches will I receive?

Unlimited. We will help you until you find your perfect match. However, we provide one photographer at a time because we believe in personalization and the unique compatibility with each artist.

Can I trust my photographer to show up on my wedding day?

Absolutely. Many photographers are small business owners, sometimes it’s difficult to predict what could go wrong when booking is made in far advance. When you purchase through us, your investment is protected. We have an extensive network of photographers who support each other. In an unforeseen circumstance, we will use our best effort to provide you with a photographer who may share similar style and personality.

How do you find my match?

We assess multiple variables including your preferred working style of a photographer, your personality, photographer’s perspectives, and other constraints such as availability, venue experience, budget, and location.

How do you select photographers in your network?

We typically work with photographers who have at a minimum 2 years of experience and have received praises not only from couples but also wedding vendors. We also perform multiple interviews and obtain references where we can assess photographer’s innate qualities, personality, professionalism, and quality of work.